Update On The Return Of Jimmy Uso Following His Knee Injury


After being out of action since WWE WrestleMania 36, there has been a new update on the return of Jimmy Uso to the ring.

Jimmy injured his knee during the SmackDown Tag Team Championship ladder match and has been out of action since that point. However, in a recent interview with Alex McCarthy, Jimmy’s brother, Jey Uso provided an update on his status.

Jey revealed that his brother is aiming to be back in early 2021 from the injury in either January or February.


Speaking of Jey Uso, he is in action tonight at WWE Clash Of Champions against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. He spoke about that match and how Jimmy does wish he could be in his corner for the PPV.

“Jimmy knows this is a big moment and he doesn’t want to take the light away from me, but he just wishes he could be in my corner. He just wants to walk with me, be in my corner, have the best seat in the house. He wants to bang on the apron, feel the intensity, the sweat dripping, all of that!”

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