Update on Why Brooke Hogan Was Released


As noted yesterday, Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA Wrestling. The feeling internally was that Brooke’s role as General Manager of the Knockouts division has run its course and both parties decided it was time to party ways. Brooke is said to be focusing on non-wrestling projects going forward but the door is always open for a return at a later time.

Financial considerations also played a factor into her release as well. A source within the company described her contract as “A luxury we can’t afford right now.” Many within the company feel that when money is tight, the company should focus the spending on people that actually work and not personalities.

The Politicing that Surrounds Hulk Hogan & His Wrestling Career….

Source: PWInsider.com


  1. It’s called she’s a stuck up slut who thinks she deserves everything and living off her dads name, plus they need to pay Jackson and Ortiz now. She can live off daddy Hulk’s money forever, he gets paid either way, even if TNA fires him. Panda Energy pays him, but they won’t pay for his spoiled daughter. Or she can ask to be in some more SyFi shark movies which in those movies they shouldn’t use Hogan since it’s not her name

  2. hell she couldn’t make it in singing, and she damn shur couldn’t in wrestling, what a fkn joke, im glad daddys little slut is gone

  3. you people are mean its not her fault its her father and mother that did a bad job raising her. i remember on hogan knows best they made her and nick get a job for a week as a punishment. that should tell you what crap parents they are

    • I read months ago that they want to raise the ratings of UFC/WWE events by having the fighters learn the ability to talk on the mic before the events hmmmm

  4. TNA is close to running its course. Aces & Eights has run its course yet they still find a way to make Bubba Ray Dudley their champ and face of the company? Too bad because the product in the ring is pretty damn good – but the story lines are old and stale – like Hulkster himself. Time to put Hulkamania and Bischoff out to pasture and if they survive figure out how to make things fresh and exciting again.

    • If they could use Hulkster as someone who was not a ego manic. I think he could actually be a good asset as what he is now or just a manger for a actually wrestler. Hogan can still and keep you interested because he has charisma

  5. I will admit it kinda sad to see her go. TNA writers could of did so much more with her. The could of totally made her a heel wife for Bully or had a father and daughter team etc…. Oh well I hope she goes the the WWE to become a diva champion. Hulkamina forever brother I bleed red and yellow to the day I die…..or black and white

      • Have you watched the Diva division? None of them have any talent to begin with besides Natty. At least Brooke can talk on the mic. Brooke also screams that pg rating of kid and family friendly that the WWE goes for

        • Brooke can talk on the mic are you freaking kidding.She doesn’t look good has bad mic skills are she sure can’t sing

          • Regardless of who her father is a company would never give someone valuable tv time if they didn’t have some sort of talent. Granted she may not be the best in the world but with practice she could be a asset.

  6. Brookie, Brookie, couldn’t get a little Nookie. Now your an overbaked Cookie. Your Kardashian-like fame only took you so far, now its like you got hit by Jeff Jarrett’s guitar. If you would’ve arrived sooner, you could’ve been his Scooner. But Karen Angle beat you to that position, and now you find yourself in transition. Jerk Jarrett stole Kurt Angles wife on the stop of a dime, which is now your net worth sunshine.

  7. I’m surprised she isn’t focusing more on her marriage to Costa. She really doesn’t have to work as long as Costa plays.

  8. Interviewer : ” hey Brook, why were you fired ? ” Brooke : ” well, it’s like, there were budget cuts and, like, I can’t afford to stay here and let my talents go to waste. The guys in the back love my talents, they say I have great microphone skills, but only in the back. I, like, don’t get it, so I just told them to quit me, because my intelligense( sic ) is getting wasted, but some of the guys say I “give good head “, so that means he..sorry, they acknow—ackjkno—-s***, theya (sic) saying that my singing’s awesome, just like daddy says !!! ” Interviewer : ” ummmm…..thanks Brook, looking forward to see your mic skills—” —” You want me to give you head ? “—-“what ?? are you out of your—-sure, why not ??? ” 🙂


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