Update on WWE Taking Christian Out of Chamber, 30 Second Fury, Foley

– WWE’s latest 30 Second Fury features past Elimination Chamber moments:

– Fans at Mick Foley’s comedy show in Minneapolis, Minnesota last night donated over $2,000 for the Pandora’s Project charity, which offers support and resources for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

– WWE officials were still considering an angle to take Christian out of tonight’s Elimination Chamber main event but at last word, if they do that angle, it will not be to give a spot to Brock Lesnar. No word on who would get the spot if they take Christian out.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Jeff Rittenour

    lmao I just said yesterday Y2J will probably take his spot…poor Christian.

    • allan

      na its lesnar hes scheduled to be at the event,

  • allan

    so brocks gonna win and we get brock vs batista..oh hurray… much better then daniel bryan winning at mania lol but i guess putting him in the storyline punk quit is much better..

  • Valen

    I could see Kane taking out Christian if he is the last chamber to open and only Daniel Bryan awaits. Then Kane inserts himself.