Update: Why Ricardo Rodriguez Was Released From WWE


Source: The Wrestling Observer

While most of the recent WWE cuts have been made by the company, one was actually requested by the talent: Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo Rodriguez asked for his WWE release because he was frustrated with not being used as a wrestler. As you may recall, Rodriguez noted in his tweet announcing his release that he “misses wrestling.”

The reasons WWE didn’t use Rodriguez as much were two-fold. First, he had been working as El Local and teamed up with Kalisto in NXT, but when he got injured Sin Cara got that spot. Second, the company had issues with his weight and set a weight goal for him that he had difficulty holding to.

Rodriguez was under not only a talent contract but an announcer contract as well. His talent contract had just two weeks left when he asked for his release and the budget cuts meant that a a three-man Spanish announce team was too much, so his role with the company was looking minimal as it was.

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