Update: Sting Officially Signs With WWE

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As I reported last week, Sting has reportedly signed a contract with WWE. According to soirces, the contract is official and the deal includes time on TV, though it is not yet known when he’ll debut and how frequently he’ll be used.

There have been reports and rumors for years that Sting would eventually come over to WWE, always ramping up around WrestleMania for a potential match with The Undertaker. These rumors heated up significantly over the last few months in regard to a potential match at WrestleMania 31, though with the Streak being broken and Undertaker being in bad shape, that appears much less likely.

Sting’s last TNA appearance was at the Genesis-themed iMPACT, and his contract expired after. He was taking off TNA’s official roster page earlier this month. He is considered to be the last legend of the modern wrestling era who has never worked for WWE.

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  • Matthew DeAngelo

    I’m betting on Sting vs Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. I know everyone who comments is going to say that would never happen but who cares, it’s an opinion. People on this site take things to serious

    • Jc

      So… your saying not take your opinion seriously? lol

      • Murlin Richard

        yup, like when i said the rock isn’t a legend or a icon or a hall of famer(which sayin that doesn’t even sound right cause i kno he eventually is gonna be), i got about 15 comments stating the opposite, lol, all mine was WAS an opinion, far as sting coming back, like these ppl have reported many of times, HE ONLY WANTS ONE MATCH???, now what’s the point of having him sign a deal for one night??, memory??, that and this is juss retarted, now i honestly believe he shouldn’t waste his time with ppl like cena, but to see him wrestle like daniel bryan or cm punk, i’d love it, and let’s get one thing clear about punk, i hear and see alotta pppl sayin he’s not comin back, well i say until wwe announces it, it’s a possibility that he juss might come back, now until june or july, we can deaden this coversation about him, or until they release a statement sayin he’s gone, and he’s gotta wrestle triple h(speaking of sting now), i kno alotta ppl don’t like triple h persona on tv, but that guy has wrestled everybody, and adding sting to his list would be HUGE on his legendary list, he’s defeated everybody including goldberg on his resume

  • Fast Eddie

    Finally, Sting is coming to WWE. Sam Shaw is a creepy bastard.

  • Peter Whitney

    Sting will take on Phantasio’s undefeated streak. And we won’t be able to tell who is who in the ring

  • TamosC

    He needs to lose the weight, last time I saw him he essentially dialed in his performance, looked very slow