Update: The Original Sin Cara/Mistico Name Issues


Credit: Kris Zellner and Pwinsider.com

AAA held a press conference today at the Hard Rock Hotel in Puerto Vallarta where they announced that the former Mistico/Sin Cara is now known as Myzteziz, which sounds out as “Mizztizz.”

Myzteziz appeared on the TV taping last night in Celaya wearing his new gear, which is a hybrid of his old Mistico colors with the Sin Cara type mask.

AAA announced that they trademarked this name on 5/8 but Myzteziz went on to say that he would work under his old name of Sin Cara on non-AAA shows so the confusion will still be there.

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  1. It appears that bogus botching douchemonger has finally decided to stop ripping off my name and come up with his own identity.


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