Tommy Dreamer Provides Update On Big Cass Following Scary Collapse; Potentially Seizure Related


Tommy Dreamer has addressed the crowd about Big Cass’s collapse at the December 8th House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia. Dreamer said that Cass had suffered a seizure and that the seizure was not drug related.

Apparently Big Cass, real name William Morrissey, was in the lobby at the event and was surrounded by fans shopping the wrestler’s merchandise tables during intermission. Morrissey went down face first to the floor and was attended to by a doctor as Dreamer and Bully Ray stayed by his side.

XFINITY Senior TV & Entertainment Editor David Onda reported the event on Twitter and provided updates as they happened. Morrissey has been put in an ambulance and may be taken to a nearby hospital. Further updates will be provided as they become available.


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