Update On WWE’s Randy Savage DVD + D-Bryan’s ‘Therapist’, More

Wrestling DVD News reports that WWE’s “The Randy Savage Story” DVD will be released on November 18. WWE will release a collector’s edition that includes the 2009 Macho Madness DVD set, a Savage t-shirt, bandana and sunglasses.

— As noted on Monday night here on the website, Daniel Bryan’s “physical therapist” Megan Miller on RAW was indie wrestler Chelsea Green. Backstage at RAW, Green was telling people that she was trained by Lance Storm. She was part of a class at Storm’s Storm Wrestling Academy this past January and that’s about all she’s done with him.

— WWE is showing ads on cable networks, mentioning that fans can subscribe to the WWE Network by texting a number on their cell phones. It includes the names of the networks (including Syfy and Fuse) to track where the commercials are most effective.

— Michael Hayes will be part of a rare signing on September 20 at the Legends of the Ring event in Monroe, New Jersey.

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