Update On WWE’s Recent Tryout Camp In Dubai – Details

WWE recently had a tryout camp in Dubai. The National.ae has an article about the camp, which was run by William Regal and Sami Zayn. Zayn was likely there as a translator for Regal, as he speaks Arabic. The article covers Zaid “Picture Perfect” Khan, a 26-year-old British resident who has been training professionally for two years.

Khan said of his tryout: “”I really didn’t think it would happen but my brother kept telling me ‘be ready, they are coming to Dubai’. It wasn’t until I walked in and saw the ring that it actually sunk in. I was about to try out for the WWE. [WWE superstars] William Regal and Sami Zayn were here testing us out. It was so surreal. The warm-up alone was the most tiring thing ever, and the whole time I was trying not to show that I’m tired. Eight people didn’t make it through the warm-up.”

He said he was one of only fourteen people to make it through the tests and will find out within a few weeks if WWE is interested in him.

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