Updates on Cody Hall & David Benoit, Indy Wrestler Mocks Triple H, More


– At the Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight event back on November 17th, one-time WWE prospect Johnny Gargano faced Chris Hero, the former Kassius Ohno, and told Hero he was going to bury him “like Triple H did.” During the match, Gargano did a DX crotch chop and hit Hero with a Pedigree, as seen below in the video DGUSA released this week:

– The premiere of WWE Studios’ Christmas Bounty on ABC Family with The Miz in a starring role drew 828,000 viewers on Tuesday night. The movie drew a 0.3 cable rating in the Adult 18-49 demographic.

– We noted before that David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit, is interested in becoming a pro wrestler and has trained with Harry Smith, among others recently. Benoit’s ultimate goal is to get into WWE. Benoit, through an intermediary, and Cody Hall, Scott Hall’s son, have had people check to see if they could join the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo.

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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


      • Thanks that’s was nice of you to post that for me to see. Davey’s son looks just like him and Chris’s son looks a little like him but I can’t see it as well as Davey’s. I hope they both do well.

        • Who cares what he looks like? This is professional wrestling. Let’s see what he brings to the table. Go find yourself a photo gallery or something and look at people in general that don’t give a damn instead of worrying what a wrestling prospect looks like…

          • Prowrestling, wrestlinginc.com and other sites published photos of his son, so why don’t you blast those sites as well? I guess its not professional? How come the wrestlers can change the colors on there gear and why does Mysterio change his mask all the time? It isnt professional I guess right? Louisa Baton never did anything wrong. Benoit has been dead for years and a lot of us never knew he had a second son. If you have a problem with what ppl write than take your opinion and your crap somewhere else.

          • Look here, Seagle beagle… if you’re gonna sweet on Louisa or kiss ass, this isn’t the forum to do it on…

          • Hey Negatist I think you stand by your name cus you sound like an incompetent dumb ass that with a low IQ of 2. Can’t back up the valid points I brought up eh? Go figure..

          • Look, s***bag… the f***’n girl is talking about the LOOKS of a wrestler, and that’s it! You blew it up into a kiss-ass contest because you went to her aid and defended her opinion. Nobody gives a f***. You’re an asshole looking to run to the rescue of some female you don’t even know, for no apparent reason (other than to get laid) because you want to pick a fight with the greatest opinion on here (ME). Get the f*** outta here!

  1. Harry Smith was in the WWE during that ill thought out Hart Foundation II gimmick. David Benoit will be stepping into his dad’s shadow even if he doesn’t use his name. But the eyes..he’s got his dad’s eyes

  2. chris benoit was the greatest prowrestler,and if his son shows the same dedication,passion,and skills in the ring then he deserve a fair chance;regardless what he did in his final days


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