Why Velveteen Dream Was Pulled From NXT Match, GLOW Nominated For Awards, Sonya Deville On NXT Win (Video)


Season one of Netflix’s GLOW has received four Critics’ Choice Award nominations this year, with lead actress Alison Brie receiving a Best Actress in a Comedy Series nomination, Marc Maron receiving a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nomination, and Betty Gilpin receiving a Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nomination.

The show, which premiered back in June of this year, was also nominated for Best Comedy Series. A second season of the show was announced back in August, however, a release date has not been announced.

Why Velveteen Dream Was Pulled From NXT Match

As seen on WWE NXT tonight, the announced Velveteen Dream vs Kassius Ohno match did not take place, and it was announced that Johnny Gargano would replace Dream. Despite this being “announced” tonight, NXT never taped Dream vs Ohno at the last set of TV tapings, and taped the bout with Gargano instead.

It was announced that Dream could not compete tonight due to injury, so it appears as if he suffered some type of injury before the TV tapings at Full Sail.

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Sonya Deville On NXT Win

As seen on WWE NXT tonight, Sonya Deville defeated Ruby Riott in a No Holds Barred match, and after the bout Deville was in no mood to talk to Christy St. Cloud. Deville reminded Christy that she is now a member of the Raw roster, which means she no longer has to deal with St. Cloud’s “stupid” interviews:

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  • The huntress in the night

    I was going to guess that he was pulled because his gimmick is stupid, and they were going to let him be himself as a heel.

    • jimbo_slice1

      Only he chose that gimmick so it is himself as a heel. Maybe you missed all his other failed gimmicks.

  • Vince McMagma