Vickie Comments on Favorite On-screen Kisser, Ziggler Doing Media, Kofi Note, More

– Embedded below Sam Roberts interviews Vickie Guerrero. During the interview, Vickie named Edge as her favorite on-screen kisser. Vickie also talks about being fired by Stephanie McMahon and being a heel despite Eddie Guerrero being so loved and much more.

– Dolph Ziggler mentioned on Twitter that he will be making a lot of television and radio appearances to promote tonight’s SmackDown taping at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

– If you are attending tonight’s WWE television tapings at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN and would like to send in results, you can do so by emailing me here.

– Kofi Kingston is scheduled to appear at the Live Oak National Guard Armory, located at 1416 SW 11th St. in Live Oak, FL from 1PM – 3PM. Contact SSG Amanda Nesmith at (386) 438-3968 for more information.

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  • Ralph Ramos

    How do they expect Dolph Ziggler to keep face while promoting Smackdown after they had him lose cleanly to Ryback? And I bet Edge does have fond memories of his romantic television moments with Vicky (What a treat that was for him). I’m sure he her back (Like he wants hemroids).