VIDEO: Adrian Neville Praises John Cena For All His Help

NXT Champion Adrian Neville recently spoke with Between The Ropes about the importance of John Cena’s support to NXT. Here are the highlights…

“John is always very supportive and he always has good, sound advice. He always has time to talk to you and let you know what he thinks. “He’s always very honest, which I respect and I appreciate. He was very complimentary after that. He knew how big the occasion was not only for myself but for the brand in general. He knew post match that the show itself, we hit it out of the park, we hit a home run. It was very cool to kind of get that because that day was very much kind of this whirlwind of activity and it was easy to get lost, but for John to kind afterwards come came and put it all in perspective. It was a very humbling moment and it was very cool.”

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