Video: Bryan on Connecting with Fans, Belts vs. Championships, More

– In the videos above, Daniel Bryan talks with 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit. Here are some highlights:

* Regarding taking a Batista Bomb and a Pedigree on RAW, he’s used to getting beat up on TV every week.

* He only got about two hours of sleep but said he wants to be the guy that WWE relies on because it means you’re in a top spot.

* Bryan plugged tonight’s live Main Event and SmackDown tapings, mentioning that his sister isn’t a wrestling fan but she still likes to attend WWE events because of how entertaining they are.

* Bryan thinks people felt sympathy for him for being the underdog and that’s how they began to connect with him. Bryan went on to say there’s a mystery with all connections to crowds and he’s very fortunate to have that connection.

* Bryan is glad Total Divas is there but he has on ambition to be a reality TV star. He says filming it is hard work. Bryan says he and Kane pitched the idea of a “Two Dudes” reality show when they were partners.

* Bryan says he is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan but does not follow football. He says he’s not a bandwagon jumper because he followed them when they were 2-14.

* Bryan mentioned how the WWE talents are always told that their “belts” are championships and titles. “Belts hold up your pants” Bryan mocked.

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