Video: DDP & Jake Roberts Invite Scott Hall To Join The Accountability Crib

Following up on the news that Scott Hall will be joining Jake Roberts at Diamond Dallas Page’s “Accountability Crib” in hopes of getting his life back on track, DDP has posted a video to YouTube showing how the whole thing went down.

DDP got a text from Sean Waltman saying that their friend Scott Hall is in trouble and is possibly contemplating suicide. The text read, “Scott sounding not good at all. He’s talking about getting a gun.”

DDP decided that he was going to reach out to Hall via phone call and had Jake Roberts join in on the conversation. They called Hall and he answered the phone sounding very disoriented. “What? What?” DDP and Jake identified themselves and after realizing who they were, Hall said he feels like he’s dying. He said several times, “I’m dying. I’m dying.” and told them he was drinking vodka for ‘breakfast’ and that’s all he had consumed so far that day.

DDP and Jake told Scott to come stay with them. Scott could not believe when Jake told him that he had been clean for 60 days. Scott said he doesn’t want to die accepted the offer to visit the house in Atlanta.

In what looks to be an encouraging sign, Scott Hall said he felt like their phone call was a “spiritual awakening” and like God was talking to him. Here’s the video:

  • Doc J

    Im a huge fan of all 3 of these guys and this is a pretty amazing video.hope Dallas and Jake can pull Scott out of this……come on Scott we’re all pulling for you on this one,don’t let yourself go the way of Perfect,we miss him,we don’t wanna miss you too !

  • Louisa Baton

    DDP, you my friend are so special. Thanks for helping all the people that you do.

  • Mike Arienti

    Scott is the only one who really understands what his baggage is doing to his emotional state. He has to want to beat this, and he has to want that badly enough to work to get there.

  • allan mccann

    ddp is doing more now for wrestling that he ever has. chris jericho can only wrestle now because of him. god look at jake. he never been that thin in his life

  • allan mccann

    honestly dnt like talking hall cause he missed so many great moments he would have had if he just said sober

  • Scott Hall was one of the worse things to ever step foot in the business