Video: Hulk Hogan Talks About Working With Brooke Hogan, Real Americans & More

Larry Nickel of CBS Sports 920 spoke with Hulk Hogan. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Working with his daughter Brooke: “I love working with my daughter Brooke, she doesn’t work with TNA anymore. She lives in Dallas, Texas now, she’s getting ready to marry a Dallas Cowboys football player, so she switched gears on all of us pretty quick.”

The Real Americans: “Jack Swagger, he’s a great amateur wrestler, but he’s a bad guy. The other guy, he’s from a foreign country, so how could you be a real American if you’re a bad guy from a foreign country? I think ol’ Zeb Colter’s up to no good, brother.”

Making a lot of money in TNA as GM: “Easy brother… I may have to borrow some money from you, man. Are you Uncle Sam or something, checking into my tax bracket with TNA? I’m doing okay myself, but you’re acting like Uncle Sam or something, getting kinda personal with these questions, brother.”

  • Negatist

    One of the most painful interviews I’ve ever seen… Why did they have a retard interviewing him? Was this just one big, sad joke? WTF…

    • allan

      It was also already posted a week ago. And ceserO IS 10 times the wrestler hogan ever was

      • Negatist

        I don’t see a timetable for posting responses to any one of these articles/videos on this site, d***head.