VIDEO: Matt Hardy Says TLC Matches Shortened His Career

Matt Hardy recently appeared on The Roman Show, and spoke about the TLC matches shortening his career. Here is what he had to say…

“Whenever human flesh and bone get slammed on steel like ladders or chairs, or tables, all that stuff, TLC’s or cages, the flesh isn’t going to win. Those matches beat you up and take a toll. It is what it is. Professional wrestling isn’t ballet. Those were very tough grueling matches. It definitely took a toll on us. They took time off our career I’m sure and they beat us up for many years down the road. With that said, those are the matches that made us famous.

It was a challenge to overcome the last match. We were innovative.”

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  • HTRD77

    I miss seeing Matt as a big player in wwe. I think he should’ve got a good run as champ before he left and thought they were finally building him up for it until he left. I’ve seen him a few times in ROH but he’s a sad shell of his former self.

    • Guest

      A big player? WWE were only willing to take him so far and why would they make both brothers world and/or WWE champions. As far as I know, that has yet to be seen in American pro wrestling. Or maybe you were not talking about the world or WWE title. However, belts collect dust and it takes skills to pay the bills.

  • Guest

    Of course the TLC matches played roles in shortening the careers of the Hardy’s but so did the drugs.

  • HTRD77

    Being a big player in wwe doesn’t always mean holding a major title. At the time Matt was one if the bigger stars in smackdown and it looked as though he was going to be pushed to win the big one. I believe he even beat Orton and it looked like they were going to go the next step but they just didn’t.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    I think his face and lack of charisma shortened his career lol