VIDEO: Mick Foley Reacts To WWE ‘Snubbing’ Colt Cabana

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling released another video today, which features an interview with Mick Foley from a UWE event in Pennsylvania that he and Jarrett both worked.

Foley praised the hard work of independent wrestlers. He mentioned that it’s hard to get a “Pavolvian” pop for your music like a nationally-known star may get, as independent wrestlers go to a different place every time.

He also questioned why Colt Cabana hasn’t been given a shot. He revealed he’s “ashamed to admit” that he hasn’t seen Kevin Steen’s work. He said he owes it to himself and others to learn more about the top independent wrestlers.

The video, part one of an interview with Foley, also follows Jarrett as he scouts talents on the independents.

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  • The FBWA

    Because Colt Cabana is one big non serious joker. He’s like big kid playing at being a wrestler.

    • allan

      ya but hes actually a really good wrestler but i agree hes to goofy but in the same time its what made him a star in the indies

  • Sean

    when did foley just make it his mission to complain about everything

    • allan

      hes also puttin people over. stfu foleys earned it

      • Sean

        Hey I’m not saying I hate Foley come on he’s one of the greatest entertainers of all time but every time he said something now it seems to be complaining about everything sorry it’s annoying maybe not for every Bryan fan as he has a straw next to his ass everywhere he goes