Video: Nikki Bella Asks John Cena About The Future Of Their Relationship (Total Divas Clip)


Here is a new video from WWE’s new reality show on E! “Total Divas” featuring John Cena’s girlfriend Nikki Bella asking him about the future of their relationship. Cena tells Nikki that “both marriage and family are difficult obstacles” for him, but eventually ends up coming clean about his feelings towards marriage, including his own failed attempt.


  1. John Cena already got over a three year marriage all ready just give him time and maybe he will marry you he is a very nice person he really has to trust you first because he might think you nikki might cheat on him you nikki might need to quick making fun of other people because John does not like other people bulling other people if he knew that you acted like that when your sister is around you always act like you are better then any body else when you are not why when you are with john cena you act like your self but senese you got your own show you make fun of other people ithink as john cena’s fan i know you want him all for his money nikki in real life people see the why you act on the show towards them twins the daultes the you fight them and call them loses you need to stop acting like that all people in the world are not loses what make you think in your mind that John Cena would marry somebody like you nikki it is a shame that your mother would have to see you calling other people losers there are some good people in the world you just dont know that thank you tina.

  2. Why is he trying to hurdle them or just duck out of the way lol? I hate that new wave speak why can’t people just come out and say what they feel. This I feel like we aren’t on the same plane or my least favorite; the Kim K take on life. I just hate that ’round about peak. Why can’t he just say I want sex and nothing else right now, at least it’s honest.


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