Video Package: TNA’s Second Hall of Famer Revealed


– Below is TNA’s video package for Kurt Angle’s 2013 Hall of Fame induction:

– TNA President Dixie Carter announced at tonight’s Slammiversary pay-per-view that Kurt Angle will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame during Bound For Glory weekend this year.

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      • y??? and how long has he been in the company, and is it just his in ring work @ TNA r is it all wrestling work , because he wasn’t n TNA that long, this is a slap in the face for the impact players that pretty much built this company like the A.J Styles, and James Storm’s and Bobby Rude who I could believe could of probably jump ship to the WWE

    • I know right, but were forgetting the most important
      person in TNA, “uhhhh Jeff Jarrett” I think he is one of the
      greatest heels in wrestling, and don’t forget about the founder of the company
      inless he is already in it


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