Video: Pre-RAW Feed Leaked with WWE Announcers Preparing


– A fan on YouTube had posted a pre-RAW satellite feed from Monday’s show in Greenville, South Carolina when the announcers make their way out and prep for the live broadcast. You can hear Michael Cole learning about someone getting put through the announcers table later on. You also hear Cole say, “we are not in Greenville.” This apparently refers to Vince McMahon not wanting to mention smaller cities on WWE TV.

Here’s the video:

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  1. I’m kinda surprised they don’t do pre-show prep much earlier than letting the announcers in on the script having only minutes before the show starts.

    I mean..Cole sits down and has no idea what’s going on till someone from the truck lets Cole in on everything…and that was after Cole asks the truck guys why there is no center monitor.

    I mean…nothing wrong with that..but to me…it invites a lot of mistakes to happen during the live event. But I have heard interviews with JBL and King and that at least from King’s standpoint..he doesn’t even show up at the event till about an hour before they go live…and that’s by his own choice.

    • well they usually have Vince shout instructions over the headphones so prepping isn’t that necessary when pretty much 3/4 of the show are promos and commercials, and they don’t call matches play by play anymore, they just promote the story line involving the match or the stupid app.


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