VIDEO: Sting Confirms He Wants To Wrestle The Undertaker

Sam Roberts talked to Sting at the WWE 2K15 panel. Highlights and video of the interview are below.

* With regards to the video promo WWE ran for the Sting 2k15 reveal, Sting noted he didn’t watch Raw that night but said he heard about all the reaction to it and got a lot of feedback from it.

* As for a match against The Undertaker, Sting says he still wants to wrestle ‘Taker, and he said a Sting vs Undertaker match does not need the streak or even a story line. He also said he feels ‘Taker is not done, and is not walking away yet.

* Sting talked about the final episode of WCW Nitro, and wrestling Ric Flair. He called the experience surreal. He talked about the sinking ship that WCW ended up becoming.

* Sting said when his WCW contract expired he did have talks with WWE about coming into the company, and although the two sides came very close to a deal, it obviously didn’t happen.

Check out the EXCELLENT video interview below:

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