Villainous Intentions: the Resurgence of Heel Champions





Myss4tune has arrived . . . and today my gaze is firmly locked on the topic of Heels and Championships.

As most wrestling fans often express (myself included), the 1980s to early 2000s provided one of the best periods of wrestling entertainment – one that as yet to be equaled. Part of this, I consider, is due to the attention-grabbing performance of a dynamic and despicable Heel – and let’s face it, I have missed them – terribly.

Names like Ted DiBiase Senior, Andre the Giant, Manager Jim Cornette, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jerhico, and more (so many more!) are synonymous with underhanded, innovative dirty tactics but sadly that potent heel flavor has been diluted like fast food beverages.


All hope is not lost. . .

With the rise of stables such as the New Day (who took a rather flat, base idea and turned it into something well worth tuning into) and the revolution of the Women’s division allowing performers such as Alexa Bliss to fully explore the possibilities of heelness, Heels and their ‘ability’ to become Champions are finally returning to their former glory and we – the audience – are finally getting our fill of villainous tactics; from pretend knee injuries (reminiscent of the Shawn Michaels of 1990s), to the ever-present Francesca (in all her versions), to the strings of intentional disqualifications, count outs and constant ‘outside interference/s’, the Heels are firmly re-cementing their place on the game board.

And I am excited!

One of the biggest wrestling spears (for me) is its ability to make me love the ‘bad guys’ – and it started as a child, with *always* wanting Andre the Giant to squash Hulk Hogan so far into the mat, that Hogan became a mere a red and yellow Rorschach test – for all time . . .  Ah the image . . .  so beautiful . . .

Anyway . . . So why?

Why do I love the ‘bad guys’ (apart from ‘good’ being a tad boring of course, which it IS!) And how do Heels still get my attention – even as an adult (when I should know better than to still ‘believe’ in wrestling?)

Well, with characters like The Undertaker (decades of hero worship here), Ted DiBiase Senior, Papa Shango (who despite his lack of popularity, I absolutely adored and wasn’t ever as fond of his other persona the Godfather, though I could still appreciate the performance), Manager Jim Cornette, Manager Cherri, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and recently Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family and Alex Bliss – how could I not?

Each of these amazingly, talented people make me follow them because they’re either direct reflections of my ‘demons’ or of the people I love most – amplified.

And that is the TRUE talent of these Heels –

DiBiase Senior taught me emotional and financial blackmail,

The Undertaker, Shango and Wyatt the power of fear and the potency of mysticism,

Cherri and Alexa; the depths that fearsome beauty can reach (and ascend right back into those pretty little faces),

Cornette and Jerhico – simply the art of a consistently irritating *but* entertaining performance – which is not an easy accomplishment, considering some of the ‘talent’ we’ve had to experience over the years. (Seriously, though, Jerhico and Cornette, in my not so humble opinion, are two of the most verbose, linguistically adept, yet reliably ‘annoying’ heels of all time – both of these entertainers have managed to keep me wanting more – sometimes just to hear one of them say what I have always wanted to say to someone and sometimes because I know they’re about to stir that pot – and I look forward, with sadistic glee, to what that pot will manifest afterwards!),

And last but not least, Eddie Guerrero (and to some point Vicki as well) – lie, cheat, steal . . . how can you not appreciate a performer that makes humanities most ‘nasty’ habits so captivating and innovative? – yes innovative –Guerrero had that creative flair that few have been able to emulate.

So . . . taking into account the vast experience and ‘database’ of knowledge our current WWE stars can draw on (including some of the standard setters themselves!), and the recently resurgence towards an actual Heel performance (not just faces sometimes being a heel, but mostly wanting adoration), Myss Fortune predicts a more despicable, dastardly and wonderfully Heel-heavy 2017 – Just the way it should be!


. . . I have seen the future . . . and this is how it begins . . .  Regards – Myss Fortune