Vince Changes RAW Script, New Promos for The Wyatts and Total Divas, More

– Here’s WWE’s latest promo for Total Divas, debuting this summer:

– Here is the latest promo for Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper – The Wyatt Family:

– Vince McMahon reportedly showed up before Monday’s RAW in Hartford and told the writing team to re-write the entire show.

– Speaking of Vince, we reported a week ago that the eventual plan for the Triple H concussion storyline was to bring Vince and Stephanie McMahon to TV to try and talk him out of wrestling again. The angle that happened last night wasn’t supposed to happen for several weeks. WWE may have went ahead with it because of how worried they were going up against the NBA Playoffs.

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  • Travelers2013

    You can always tell when Vince tells the writers to re-write the show at the last minute.

    The opening of the show looked confusing…like the Stephanie and Vince opening…I was waiting for HHH to show up in the ring…and when he didn’t…all I thought of was…Vince must have had a cow with the writers again.