Vince McMahon Admits WWE Raw & SmackDown Can Have Better Storylines


WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon recently spoke on WWE’s second-quarter earnings call, where he addressed WWE’s declining viewing figures.

Vince McMahon admitted that the live audience is key to WWE’s programming, and not having them inside is having an impact on the ratings currently.

“More than any other sport, our audience is part of our program. Audience interaction is always a plus. It goes back to the origination of this genre in terms of ‘yay!’ and ‘boo!’ The audience is integral to our success and ratings,” he said.

Vince did admit that while the lack of fans have had an impact, he did confess that WWE can do better in terms of storylines and creating new characters.

“Notwithstanding that, I think we can have more compelling characters, better storylines, new characters coming in, and more content that is not necessary in-ring and is more focused on personalities outside the ring,” he said.

Finally, Vince spoke about how AEW and NXT viewing figures are bouncing back, admitting that is because they are new, and WWE now must try make Raw and SmackDown more youthful.

 “Both are new. It’s up to us to make Raw and SmackDown feel more youthful and that is where we’re going. You always have to build characters, constantly.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)