Vince McMahon Reportedly Performed Rob Gronkowski’s WrestleMania Stunt To Prove It Was Safe


One thing that has always been clear of Vince McMahon is that he would never ask his employees to do something he isn’t willing to do himself.

The latest example of this has now been reported by, with Vince McMahon getting his hands dirty at WWE WrestleMania 36.

This comes after Becky Lynch told TV Insider that the WWE Chairman demonstrated how to fall off a tower recently.

“I think Vince would do pretty well on this show, the eccentric character that he is. You look at [Axe], and he’s unassuming,”Becky Lynch told Scott Fishman of TV Insider when asked about how Vince would do on the show “Billions.” “Vince is such a larger-than-life character. At the same time, I watched him the other day demonstrate falling off a tower at 74-years-old without a bother, brushing his shoulders off and standing up again.”

Fightful then reported that during the rehearsals of WWE WrestleMania 36, the host, Rob Gronkowski was nervous about his spot where he leapt off the stand in the corner of the WWE PC. Because of that, Vince himself got up and did the spot in order to prove to the NFL star that it was perfectly safe.

Gronk was reportedly terrified of doing the dive and was given some of NXT’s biggest wrestlers to catch him and that still wasn’t enough to convince him. He reportedly bent his knees and fell off the platform rather than jumping because he was so scared, which is why the camera angle was so low.

Despite making his return to the NFL shortly after WrestleMania, Rob Gronkowski does remain the current WWE 24/7 Champion.

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