Vince McMahon Upset With Reaction To The Streak Ending


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon and other WWE officials were not necessarily satisfied with the fan reaction after the finish for The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

The expected shock was there, however WWE was looking for a more appropriate reaction to the sendoff of The Undertaker.

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  1. The problem lies that the match wasn’t very good. Compared with last year’s, which had imho a more significant resonance.

  2. well how dare those fans! those fans better apologize and the WWE creative team for not having the feelings and reactions that the WWE wanted them to have. I mean the nerve of fans today..just because they used their money to pay for a ticket doesn’t give them the right to have their own personal reactions. They should go to an event know that Vince and his team want certain reactions and those are the only reactions that are acceptable. In fact, if fans don’t react how Vince and others want, then those fans should be kicked out of the venue. Any fan watching on-line or via tv should then flog themselves for not having the WWE required and mandated feelings and reactions. Damn those fans!

    • I think the problem was that the fans didn’t know the Undertaker was retiring and it would be his last match. Shock set in since it wasn’t really even hinted that Taker might lose. If we knew ‘hey this guys retiring’ then I’m sure the shock would have turned into applause and cheers. So Vince dropped the ball himself on this one.

      • Taker isn’t retiring, he retired the streak. He offered to get pinned at WM several years ago while continuing to wrestle, so his loss now does not mean he’s hung it up, although perhaps he should. Several sources say UT will be facing Sting at WM 31.

        • He’s done. He collapsed after the match. How he passed a physical is mind blowing. And Sting has nothing to offer.

          • He collapsed because Lesnar pulled a “Ahmad Johnson meets Bill Goldberg” on him and gave him a concussion. Not as iof Understaker was already in bad shape when he enter the ring. With a year’s rest he should be fine to wrestle one more time. Sting has plenty to offer as in him being the legend himself that he is.

          • Watch that match again. In 5 minutes taker is gassed. He’s done. Sting let his ego get in the way all those years ago and shouldn’t step foot in a WWE ring. What’s to offer? Some face paint and repeated mic work?

            Takers done. Lesnar was the man to do it.

          • Lesnar was never meant to end the streak. The end was changed by Undertaker because of the concussion, Hence why the shocked look on Heyman and Lesnars faces after the win and the delay on Lesnars music. You could see it in Undertakers face when he eventually got up that something wasnt right with him. They could still do Sting vs Taker next year for the Icon vs Icon draw.

          • Ummmm, nope. ‘Taker wanted Daniel Bryan. Lesnar was essentially a last-minute fill-in. And McMahon pulled the trigger on ending The Streak about four hours before WM XXX. The truth comes out in the end…

  3. The problem is the part timer that beat him. He works so few dates that he couldn’t even do the post WM Raw?!?!

  4. I often thought the streak was going to end last year: with cm punk beating the undertaker. I think things changed when Paul Bearer died, so the streak continued until this year.

  5. The match was terrible. None of the crowd knew it was coming, so the expected reaction was what it was,shock. Nobody ever thought it would be given to someone like Lesnar who is nothing more than part-timer.

    What they should’ve done is a no DQ, with loads of run ins to help end the streak, from previous victims. To hand it straight to Lesnar made no sense whatsoever and was a kick in the face to streak in all honesty.

  6. So he lost to a part-timer, BFD..Taker is less than a part-timer. Lesnar is a formidable opponent to lose too. It would have been a joke to lose to Bryan,HHH, HBK or some other wrestler of that nature.

    • No s***, lol Taker is’t EVEN a part timer. He’s a one timer. LMAO He looks 10 years older THAN HE IS and is in terrible shape. He’s done – GET OVER IT. Lesner could mop the floor with ANYONE in that locker room – ANYONE. That’s why he beat Undertaker. Taker lost to a REAL tough guy – makes PERFECT SENSE…oh and wrestling ISN’T REAL lol The streak is manufactured anyways. Get over it peoplle…

      • And BTW – A: It IS “fake”, that’s why IT DIESNT MATTER what anybody can do in real life; and B: ACTUALLY, IN REALITY, all it would take is one good kick to Lesnar’s gut…

  7. Well, sparky, the problem is that because McMahon and Calaway wanted to keep the ending so secret, there was no fanfare after the match. Think about – every big match Undertaker’s lost, there’s been some kind of big deal: Feud with Yokozuna, lose the title match, it takes a dozen guys to beat ‘Taker down and trap him in the casket; smoke billows out of casket and ‘Taker’s “spirit” rises on the big screen, proclaiming “I will NOT… Rest. In. Peeeaace.” Feud with Kane, Kane attacks him, nails him in casket and sets it on fire; lightning bolt strikes the inferno. His “lifeless corpse” has been carted out of arenas by druids, and he’s been buried alive only to have lightning strike the dirt as his hand bursts back up out the grave. But at WM XXX? F5, Lesnar pins him, Lesnar and Heyman share shocked celebration and leave; ‘Taker eventually rises… and just walks out. Nothing. The Streak was ENDED. And nothing. Sooo, what the hell reaction did you EXPECT?

    • I thought the same thing, way to plain. I always imagined it with lightning and the disappearance. His last appearance would be on Raw the next night to say thank-you to the fans and him saying he can finally rest in peace.

  8. I did a little digging last week, and found out that at least three sites reported last August that apparently Undertaker had contacted WWE Creative and told them that he had a wrestler picked out to face The Streak at WM XXX. Reportedly, Undertaker was impressed with this wrestler’s efforts in AND out of the ring, and wanted to put him over. Of course, nothing was said about breaking The Streak, but according to other sources, ‘Taker AND Vince had both been at least considering to some extent ending The Streak this year, so one could draw the conclusion that it is quite possible ‘Taker did have an interest in having this guy do it. At any rate, WWE told Undertaker at the time that they had tentative plans for the guy had handpicked and that if the storyline went over with fans, he would be otherwise booked for WrestleMania. Needless to say, that’s exactly what happened, and Undertaker was left with short notice to find a suitable alternate opponent for The Streak, thus we ended up with Lesnar instead of wrestler Undertaker himself had handpicked to put over at WM XXX. By the way, that wrestler was Daniel Bryan.

  9. whats the point of posting news, clearly everyone on these forums knows for fact what happened and why. thanks for all the constructive comments guys, and I hope your wrestling promotions are a HUGE success, cause you certainly know how to run one.

  10. Yea well we have seen alot stuff in the wwe before and I know this is an oldie but still we all knew how Bret Hart left for wcw and it wasn’t all Vince’s falt and any wrestle should know if your leaving or plan on leaving well they should know the problem but yes it was WM 30 and just they kept promoting it was to much of a hype and sence Taker and Brock were part timers what did the non wrestling fans want more and well I could say to them hey do your damn research because im tired of them on wwe’s facebook and now they are not going to watch wwe anymore and my self is trying to explain the wrestling business like any body like us would and how it’s ran and if they would realize the psychology and if you really love this business and if they know wrestling go try to become a pro wrestler because I told people who are dumb to realize if you want to go and wrestle let me know how it is period, because if they think well there just doing to be to do it for the fans yes and no because I say that it because people who are wrestling wants to do it and make money but not a lot if you start out in the independent wrestling so I see what you guys are saying but if you guys like what I say then you guys understand.

  11. I think Vince means that he hoped the fans would maybe praise him more or react better to him waking out like what ric flair got.

  12. I do not care who you put in the ring it is impossible to have a good match if you have a concussion during the early parts if the match.

  13. If Punk wasn’t such a p***y, it would’ve been awesome to see him to a run-in and cost taker the match via DQ…that would’ve been a more suitable way to see the streak broken…IMO.


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