Vince McMahon Wanted Mauro Ranallo to Become The Next Michael Cole


When WWE signed Mauro Ranallo to a contract in December 2015, he was told to be himself as he had a unique personality and WWE wanted Smackdown to have a different feel from Raw. A few months after his hiring, Vince McMahon wanted Ranallo to become more like Michael Cole and that’s when things started going downhill for the Smackdown and 205 Live commentator.

One source says Ranallo was different and smart which placed a target on him. Another WWE employee described him as the “weird kid in school” and was bullied for his appearance.

As time went on Vince McMahon and other officials became frustrated with the unique personality of Ranallo and his wrestling IQ. Once management added Tom Phillips to the announce team that was the first indication that Ranallo was on the outs.

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  1. Show Vince is old and out of touch…I gave up on this s*** before mania but Muaro was great, called the action like a real match…THAT’S why Vince didn’t like him. Michael Cole is S***, PURE S***. F*** this company wrestling is SO dead. It’s very, very sad that new york is STILL this immature. Sad.


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