Vince McMahon’s Phone Number Digits Inadvertently Posted Online By WWE Employee

As seen Monday night on Raw, WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino was honored by the sports-entertainment organization as Jerry “The King” Lawler led Pittsburgh fans in singing “Happy Birthday” to the legendary wrestler (he celebrated his 78th birthday the previous day). Following his live appearance, Sammartino met with various WWE personnel and wrestlers backstage including Vince McMahon and Triple H. The Brooklyn Brawler, who works for WWE in a backstage capacity, tweeted a photo of his backstage encounter with Sammartino, and in a near ‘oops’ moment, almost inadvertently revealed the entire phone number of the WWE Chairman and CEO.

As Brawler posed for his photo opportunity with “The Living Legend,” he stood in front of piece of paper (labeled “Vince’s Phone Number”) that had been posted on a wall disclosing all but the last three digits of McMahon’s phone number (which were not captured in the photo, or were cropped out).

Vince McMahon Phone Number Photo

Brawler said of his meeting with Sammartino, “It was great to see @SammartinoBruno at #RAW this week, A true #living Legend #WWE.”

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  • RobbieD

    it’s a pittsburgh area code.. it was probably a direct line in the building for that evening… like an extension

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