Vince Russo Admits He’s Been Lying – Is Working For TNA

UPDATE x 2: Vince Russo has posted a statement on his website about the report that he was consulting with TNA about their announcing team, which as we reported he had previously denied. You can read the statement below, in which Russo acknowledges he was hired by TNA to consult with the announce team and had denied it because he was supposed to keep it confidential:


Recently, I accidentally sent an e-mail to a third-party that was not meant for their eyes. The e-mail concerned my current involvement with TNA Wrestling.

TNA rendered my services as a consultant to work with their announce team of Mike Tenay and Taz. The condition from their side was that I kept it confidential between the two parties. As their employee, it was up to me to honor their wishes, so that’s what I intended to do.

My integrity means everything to me, so I just hope you can understand and forgive.


UPDATE: Vince Russo posted the following on Twitter, regarding the story…

ORIGINAL: For some time there have been reports that Vince Russo has been working for TNA as a creative consultant. Mr. Russo has repeatedly denied these reports.

One source notes that they were accidentally “CC’d” in an email from Vince Russo, which featured instructions and advice from Russo to Mike Tenay and Taz on how certain segments of a TNA TV episode, which are about to be voiced over, should be handled.

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