Vince Russo Q&A – TNA Ratings, Hogan/TNA, Politics, & More

— Vince Russo recently did a Q&A session with some of the readers from the website. You can check out some highlights of the Q&A session below:

What was the atmosphere like in TNA in 2002 when you first came onto the scene there?

Great. Real hope and promise.

What was the idea and mindset behind your shoots in the ring during the 2002-2003 TNA era?

To re-invent the business a bit—go beyond the “attitude Era”.

Back in Mid 2003 the S.E.X storyline just faded away. Was there a plan for a final match to end S.E.X or was it supposed to end end the way it happened?

No. Can’t remember exactly. Sure it was something “political”.

You departed TNA for the first time back in 2004 and called your time there a “total nightmare”. What was your thoughts leading in to leaving the company and why did you decide to return in 2006?

It was when God came calling and I became a Christian. It was just hard to exist in that type of wrestling environment at the time. A lot of Jeff/Dixie stuff was going down.

You returned to TNA just over one year or so after leaving the company in 2005. How did your return come about?

Jeff’s wife, Jill, was dying of cancer, and as a friend to them both—I just wanted to help him out.

Jay lethal, Sonjay Dutt and a few other X-Division stars got major gimmick makeovers. What were your thoughts going into this and was there any wrestlers that turned down your ideas.

No—not that I can remember. Wrestling and characters go hand-in-hand. You need both.

The TNA Legends title was introduced in 2008. Why was it called the legends title? Why was Booker T used as the person to introduce the title and why did TNA immediately recognize a title that a wrestler created for himself?

That was six years ago. I just can’t remember that stuff with to much detail any more. Writing a show a week, it all tends to run together.

Up until 2010, the King of the mountain match was held ever year for Slammiversary. What made TNA change that?

I don’t know. I’m sure somebody didn’t like it. Wasn’t me.

In 2010-2011 Mr. Anderson looked to be on his way to becoming a big time player in TNA. Merchandise was selling, he was feuding with main event caliber wrestlers, and the crowd was getting behind him. But when he was finally rewarded with two world title reigns, it felt like he was never properly given the chance to make those reigns successful(hence why both only lasted a month). Why were his reigns cut short when he had so much going for him?

From what I can remember, he suffered a real bad concussion at the time. I know that derailed him for a while.

Likewise, The Pope was another wrestler who seemed destined for greatness. Why did he go from wrestling in the main event, to teaming with Devon?

Again, there wasn’t just one person making the decisions. I was, and AM a HUGE Pope fan!

What do you feel went wrong following January 4 2010 (The debut of Hulk Hogan)

I just think people’s expectations were way to high. One person isn’t going to turn an entire organization around. It takes much more than that.

Was returning “Vince Russo” the on-screen character ever considered during the Hulk-Bischoff TNA era?

Not seriously, no.

Was there any one situation or one point in time in 2012 where you just decides it’s time to depart the company?

Yes. When Bruce Prichard became a part of creative. Nothing against Bruce personally—there just became too many chefs at that time.

Following your 2012 departure from TNA, the very first episode without you at the writing helm dropped in the ratings. Over two years later, TNA is at one of its lowest ratings points in their history. What are your thoughts on this?

There’s only one Vince Russo. There’s a certain way to write wrestling that I’m not sure everybody understands, or are capable of doing. It’s just a “style”, that’s all.

Which wrestler would you choose to be a “Vince Russo” Guy

There are just too many to mention.

If Dixie Carter would call you and offer you a job as head of creative again would you accept?

That would depend on what she EXACTLY meant by “Head “ of Creative.

Where there any guys during any of your time in TNA that just downright refused to go along with any of your ideas?

Never. I never had an issue with any of them. All great human beings—the guys and the gals!

— Speaking of Vince Russo, he was also live tweeting during Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast. Here are a few of his tweets:

“These Divas just don’t seem as well schooled as many as I’ve seen in the past.”

“When any announcer repeats anything even twice in wrestling it makes you think of JR—and that isn’t good for them.”

“Does anybody really care today if somebody says our GOVERNMENT is pathetic? That’s a babyface pop.”

“Why wasn’t his entrance last? Are you kidding? That is just BAD—no other way to put it. Bray is the hottest thing on the show and DelBerto gets entrance after him? Bad, bad, bad. Please let me book this guy!”

“Having Bray out there makes him look like everybody else. They would have NEVER put Taker in that kind of a spot “back in the day.” That tells you that they have NO IDEA what they have with Bray. He is a special talent. Look at him on the apron. He doesn’t even know how to react put in that position. #unprotected.”

“Did one of the announcers say, “What is this?” When we’ve seen Kane’s entrance for almost 20 years—SIX BILLION TIMES?”

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