Vince Russo Reacts To Eric Young’s TNA Title Win


Vince Russo has posted a lengthy blog entry about his thoughts on Eric Young winning the TNA World Title. Russo says that he was overcome with emotion when he watched it because of his respect and admiration for Young as a person and a wrestler. You can check out the full blog here; an excerpt is below:

Over the years there were many other conversations with EY backstage at Universal Studios, during times when he may have been getting down on his position in the company, again, I would look him in the eye and say, “Eric—this is the WRESTLING BUSINESS, you have very little control over anything. All you can do is go out there and be the best you can be, but remember—-the cream ALWAYS rises to the top—-you can’t stop talent”. I told EY those words, because from my heart—-I meant them. Over the years EY had become one of the most talented personalities I had ever worked with. I knew that EY was great inside, and out, and he didn’t need his spot on the roster to affirm that. But, I also knew that some day, some way, some how…

I was watching from home the night EY won the TNA World Title in Orlando. I’m not ashamed at all to say that I cried. I cried because no matter how “predetermined” wrestling is—-this moment in time was not fake to EY. This was that one moment that he had dreamed about his entire life—-and it was here! I would have done anything to be there with him that night—-ANYTHING.

I love Eric Young, and if you personally knew him—-you’d love him too. As somebody who was there for the entire ride, I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart—-don’t you dare take anything away from the current TNA World Champion. Everything he has at this moment in time of his life—-HE HAS EARNED. And, he has earned it not through politicking, not through power plays, not through stepping over others, and not by putting himself first—traits that have come with many of the “Champions” I have worked with over the years. NO—-EY did it the right way. He did it by believing in himself and never giving up on his dream. He did it through hard work, through dedication, through every bead of sweat that fell from his body, to every kid in the crowd whose face he’s ever put a smile on.

To take nothing away from anybody else, there is no one like EY—-no one. Men like him were the sole reason that I survived in a business for 23 years, when on more occasions than one I wanted to take my ball home and punt it over the freakin‘ fence. Guys like EY gave my job meaning, and made me realize that “it wasn’t so bad”.

EY, I thank you, I love, and I respect you more than you will ever know.

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  1. TNA needs to get Eric Young on mainstream talk shows and late shows. They need to take advantage of his exposure on Animal PLanet.

  2. hmm short, undersized, wrestler with a beard gets his shot at the title and wins…

    hmmmm, now where have I seen that before?

    • that sounds so retarded. for one eric young has had the beard for WAYYY longer and undersized? mabye bryan is but eric young is like 6 foot and weights like 225 hes not small at all.

      • oh yeah forgot about the height and weight….Thanks for adding that too. Just another thing TNA has stolen from WWE…..

  3. “Russo says that he was overcome with emotion” Russo of all people should know pro-wrestling is scripted, badly scripted when he’s booked it. Hardy har! (Where’s the troll?)


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