Vince Russo Removed From ALL IN After Fan Backlash; Cody Rhodes Responds, “Stay Away From Our Event”


What started as a unique and ambitious concept is quickly turning into one of the hottest pro wrestling events ever. The upcoming Starrcast convention, set to take place in Chicago, IL during ALL IN weekend, has recently picked up names like Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and even Home Alone himself, Macauley Culkin – all in the last couple of days. But one name you will NOT be seeing at Starrcast is Vince Russo.

On Friday, the former WWF and WCW creative writer was briefly announced for the Starrcast convention via Twitter. As expected, the social media backlash to Russo’s announcement was both swift and furious, generating angry debates from both sides of the fence. But as quickly as his eternally controversial name showed up, it disappeared entirely.

In response to being pulled from the event, Russo wrote on Twitter, “The ABSOLUTE FACT that I am ready, willing and able to appear at ALL IN while others are already attempting to do EVERYTHING in their power to keep me from attending – tells you just about everything you need to know about ME & THEM.”

He then tried to make it seem like he was being “blackballed” from the event because of his increasingly negative stance on indie wrestling. He continued, “I’ll gladly take the blackballing if I can prevent ONE guy/girl from suffering a career ending injury in a performance that is ‘supposed’ to be a ‘worked’ fight. Any day of the week.” Putting aside the fact that Mr. Russo clearly has no idea how to use quotes, it’s pretty obvious his ban from ALL IN weekend has nothing to do with his premium “hot takes”.

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Cody Rhodes, one of the top names organizing ALL IN, responded on Twitter simply stating, “We don’t reward bad behavior. Stay away from our event.” It’s importantly to point out that while the powers-that-be behind ALL IN and Starrcast are collaborating for the huge Chicago weekend, they are being managed by different entities.