Vince Russo Reportedly Working with TNA’s Creative Team Again


– Word going around TNA is that Vince Russo is once again working with the company. TNA recently reached out to some creative people for some consulting on their TV product and Russo was reportedly one of those people.

A handful of people in the company believe 100% that Russo is once again involved in TNA creative. Russo was at least copied on some recent e-mails between members of the TNA creative team. The official response from a company spokesman is no, Russo is not working with the company.

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Source: PWInsider


    • He might need the money, or he may have bought a stake in TNA. Maybe Russo is the “new investor”. I can already hear the remotes breaking in half…

  1. This just in Russo has formed a group called the old world order set on domination of TNA! Its his original idea! Lol


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