Vince Using JBL as His Voice on Commentary, News on Kane’s Return


– Kane should be back on WWE TV imminently. The current plan is to headline upcoming WWE live events with The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Goldust and Cody Rhodes matches and a Kane vs. Wyatt match of some kind at Survivor Series.

– During The Usos vs. The Shield match on Monday’s RAW when JBL was going off on Cody Rhodes during commentary, that was Vince McMahon feeding him lines. Vince tells Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole things to say at times but when he has a major point he wants to make, Vince usually uses JBL as his voice.

Vince was very frustrated with Cody, who was told to be aggressive and take charge on commentary. The feeling was Cody was just giving typical babyface responses to the questions. Another source said Vince wasn’t mad at all but he did push JBL to go after Cody for his commentary.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Kane should be a constant character on TV. They can dress anyone as Kane. Just look for someone with the same height and body type, then make him put on the costume.

    • They tried that with Sin Cara and it didn’t work, how could it work with someone like Kane? It’s not just size and build, but the way he looks, the way he walks, and the way he moves in the ring. Just because most of his face is covered doesn’t mean he’s easy to fill in for.

  2. They need to quit feeding JBL lines and having him argue with every single thing Cole and Lawler say. It’s getting annoying and sometimes he makes himself look like a fool with all the contradictions and double talk.

  3. What a load of crap. If Vinnie Mac doesn’t like something, he himself should go on the air and say it and not have JBL as his puppet. The announcing is as fake as the wrestling.


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