Virgil Selling His Merchandise In NYC Subways has an article up about a wrestling fan meeting former WWE and WCW star Virgil in the New York City subway, where he is now selling his merchandise. From the fan’s post on a message board:

“Yesterday I was on my way home from work. I was navigating the subway station just as I usually do, however something was different. Instead of the usual guys selling toys or making balloon dogs, there was The Man, The Myth, The Legend…. He had his usual stack of photos and 2 name placards. I was in such shock I doubled back, just so I could get this video for you guys.”

“[W]hen I made the pass the first time I saw him talking to somebody holding their wallet and then the person began laughing and walked away.”

Another fan saw Virgil earlier in Grand Central Station and noted that he was asking $20 for photos but was talked down to $5. Twitter user @Stadiuminsider posted this photo of Virgil in the subway:

Virgil NYC Subway

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  • Ernie Marin

    this is sad and a real shame that such a great performer having to stood so low, for a buck or too, yet you complete waist of space like John Cena who have had everything given to him, without earning anything, living the great life.

    • Dustin Harris

      Come on, man. I don’t like Cena either but Virgil/Vincent hasn’t achieved anything in comparison or done anything of significance.

    • Louisa Baton

      Where did you get the idea he was broke? Wrestlers and other celebrities are always selling themselves in places. Some people choose bookstores and others choose car dealerships and other places. You do know he has to pay a fee to do that so he can’t be but so poor lol. It’s lovely to see how many people care about him. People sure are quick to put him down but he did alot for wrestling. (That’s when they actually wrestled but the outcome was known. Now they don’t wrestle and the outcome is known but hated lol.

  • BettaLukNexTime

    I have to agree with both of you. That being said, there are other stars from his era that aren’t broke. That’s on Virgil. I saw him about 8 yrs ago at a mall in Maryland. Selling autographed pics for $20, it was sad then & its sad now…..