Jeff Jarrett On What Fans Can Expect From His Live One Man Show, His Partnership With FITE TV, Starrcast & More


WWE Hall Of Famer, Jeff Jarrett was a recent guest on the Voice Of Wrestling podcast where he spoke about his upcoming one-man show and his FITE TV deal. You can check out the full Voice Of Wrestling podcast from this week in the video player above.

Double J joined Chris Cash and Nick Paglino for a lengthy discussion about his spoken word show, Brock Lesnar’s WWE future and being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, and below are some highlights of the interview.

Jeff Jarrett spoke about his new deal with FITE TV, as well as the history that he has with the company from previous work:

“It is new, uncharted territory but it is cool that the announcement has come out, my relationship with FITE or the parent company Flips Media, I started a relationship with those guys several years ago as myself and Global Force Wrestling we went into WrestleKingdom 9. The relationship goes back that far, and over the last few years, we have worked at arm’s length with each other off and on. Obviously my time at IMPACT, they had their shows on FITE.

“After the Hall Of Fame I was laser focused and we came to an agreement, this is the second announcement we have made and it’s crazy how things have come. But the announcement we made, I said it’s groundbreaking, to bring an event like that surrounded by ALL IN and Starrcast, it’s a once in a lifetime and has never been done, it’s generations and the very top stars of each generation under one roof.”

Jarrett also spoke about what fans can expect from his spoken word Q&A show which will be shown, LIVE on FITE TV:

“All of this has come about on the Hall Of Fame, I was as shocked as anybody out there, I didn’t see it coming and the fans didn’t see it coming, but I am grateful that it did. one thing led to another, and promotions in the UK reached out, they thought it was a good idea. I had to scratch my head, spoken word, I am not so sure but one thing led to another and they said no, “you’ve got a lot to talk about.” As the Hall Of Fame came down, I just said okay, there is a lot to talk about so we brought Kenny McIntosh onboard, he didn’t agree to come on board until he said he wants to be able to take off the gloves. It’s going to be live TV, no net as the Macho Man would say.”

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