Exclusive: Jonny Fairplay Rips IMPACT Wrestling, Talks NXT Stars Changing For Main Roster, His Wrestling Involvement


In a Voice Of Wrestling exclusive interview, former TNA and independent wrestler, Jonny Fairplay joined Chris Cash to discuss a variety of topics from NXT to his very honest thoughts regarding IMPACT Wrestling.

Fairplay discussed what his current involvement in professional wrestling is and what he currently watches:

“I am a semi-regular guest on the Wade Keller ProWrestling podcast so I keep up with everything there and I watch all the WWE Network specials and I catch New Japan stuff. I have not watched any TNA stuff since the Broken Universe left and even then I just tuned into that stuff via YouTube. I watch all the WWE stuff and NXT. I am 44 now, athletically I am about in the best shape I have ever been in, I am a year and a half sober and I go for a run every other day but taking bumps hurts, I know what I am worth so I pick and choose.”

Jonny also went into detail about his thoughts on IMPACT Wrestling and Don Callis, giving a very honest answer:

“(Impact is) Inconsequential. They mean nothing, Don Callis is one of the brains behinds it and he sucks, I don’t give a f*** about them, they are not on my radar and they won’t be back on it, they are a waste of time. I look forward to the day that Trevor Lee is working in NXT. They are low budget and Don Callis is the brains of the operation, that motherf***** wanted tog et over as a wrestler, he couldn’t get over, wanted to get over as a manager he did everything possible to outshine the guys he was supposed to manage, and this is the guy you want to come up with your ideas?”

Fairplay also talked about NXT and whether or not WWE restricts the talent from when they are brought up to the main roster:

“The NXT guys are busting their asses to get noticed and the end game is to be on the WWE main roster, but anything they want to do on the main roster, I don’t think they are nutured in any way, I think if Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are on the main roster and have the blood feud that they are currently having, they are going to have the same exact match. AJ is a friend of mine, if AJ Styles says “me and Nakamura want to kill ourselves” they are going to be cool, they can do that. People used to make fun of The Miz for working this safe style, I think Miz is the smartest guy in wrestling, last time I checked he hasn’t even had a broken fingernail.”

You can catch the full episode of Voice Of Wrestling, which includes a lengthy discussion about Ronda Rousey’s title match, Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns and the full interview with Jonny Fairplay, in the video player below. Please H/T ProWrestling.com for any quotes used.