Wade Barrett on Who He Wants to Work With, Main Event Scene & More

As noted earlier, Wade Barrett recently spoke with Sam Roberts. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What did he think his career would be like after winning NXT: “I had a very unusual start in WWE where I kind of went in right at that main event level after NXT and that completely wasn’t what I was expecting. If you look in the history of the WWE I think I’d main evented five or six pay per views in my first six months with the company really. That’s kind of unheard of and never been done before and it certainly wasn’t something I ever expected.”

Was he ready to be thrust into the main event scene: “I think I was. We had eight guys on NXT and I feel I was kind of the guy who was ready first out of all those guys. Obviously a couple of the other guys have stepped up since. Daniel Bryan and Ryback and guys like that have kind of stepped up. But at the time, I think I was the only guy in the group who had that capability of being well rounded so it was an unusual way to start a career, and certainly unexpected, but I’m very grateful for the opportunities I got back then.”

Was he disappointed that the Nexus fizzled out as fast as it did: “Yeah I think so and I still get people asking me to this day why it ended so fast. I mean, in my opinion, there was a lot more legs to it. I think in retrospect, we could have done a better job with putting the story line together how it progressed. But unfortunately, it ended very, very quickly after it began and I think that’s a shame.”

If he gets to the main event level, who does he want to work with: “Somebody who I’ve never had a match with in WWE, which is quite unbelievable really considering we’ve kind of been on the show together for the last three and a half, four years, is CM Punk. I’ve literally never had a singles match with him. So he’s someone, 100 percent, I’d like to get in there with. He’s one of the few regular guys on the show that I’ve never been in the ring with so he’s definitely someone I’d like to step in there with. Like I said, I’m a big fan of his, I think he’s a great performer. I think he’d help me step my game up further. On top of that, somebody like Triple H is someone I was a fan of growing up. He’s consistently, I think, one of the best performers in WWE and I know he doesn’t have many matches these days. He’s kind of more of a behind the scenes guy, he comes back once or twice a year for matches. So I would love to step into the ring with him too.”

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  • did he just say he was the ONLY guy in NXT that was ready for the main event? Bryan had 12 years on you buddy…wow! he’s jealous.

    • Zuckerton

      Wade started wrestling in 2004, Daniel Bryan started in 1999, so really Bryan only had 5 years on him.

  • Guest

    Are you saying Daniel Bryan started wrestling in 1992?

  • raul cruz

    This is similar to HHH vs Benoit, when they tried to make HHH the experienced veteran against Benoit, who had been wrestling much longer than HHH and all over the world as well.

  • Chewbucky

    Never had a singles match with CM Punk, Is this not wade barrett? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxliesfL_OQ (regardless of Johns involvement)

    • Timothy Graham

      Perhaps he was hit in the head too many times as a bare knuckle boxer!

      • Chewbucky

        I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t consider this a match because of the way the match went

  • Ralph Ramos

    Watching that season of NXT, it was obvious to me that Daniel Bryan was the best wrestler out of the group. Unfortunately, they favored a guy with more size over a guy with more skill. But in the long run, the better man prevailed (As it should be).

    • Rich Francis

      You should just get your head smashed in that season of NXT was the Best NXT to come out you cant just judge one over the next they haven’t to the full. I mean Bryan Great but he was Eliminated in week 12 plus you ended up with the wrestlers of Ryback, Darren Young, Bryan, Barrett, Gabriel, WWE two beating boys Health Slater and Otunga. The truth hurts may have been the best wrestler but not the most mature wrestler think about it WWE fired his ass because of strangling Justin Roberts with his own tie and spit in the face of other wrestlers he was lucky to get his job back.