Wade Barrett Returns to Action, MVP Taking Bookings Again, Mysterio


– Former WWE star MVP will be appearing at the House of Hardcore event on November 9th and then a convention the following weekend. He is back to taking independent bookings for November at BookMVP@yahoo.com. He tweeted:

“Dreamer, Matt Hardy and Masters have informed of the fun I’m missing out on Indies. So until I sign I’ll do some.”

– Rey Mysterio met with breast cancer survivors at the UNEME Cancer Center in Queretaro, Mexico on Wednesday:

Rey and cancer survivors

– Wade Barrett returned to action at last night’s WWE live event in Queretaro, Mexico. He defeated Zack Ryder.

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  1. MVP like 42 his beard is grey, in think he left for too long he already started late. Same with batista,Austin goldberg there all old now

    • What are you talking about Austin starting late? Maybe the “Stone Cold” character started later in his career but he had been going for 15+ years before that in WCW and ECW.


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