Warner Robins, GA: Rampage Pro Wrestling Results for 1-20-2013


Well I’ve been away from RPW for a while and things have certainly changed. Last I left Johnny G’s Fun Center we saw Hot Like Lava heading towards a Tag Title match, Allie and Charlie Cash were rivals, Luke Gallows was the Heavyweight Champion, and AJ Steele was gunning for Murder One. When I saw that the Rampage Rumble was in and I was off work, I decided to see who would be entering and see how much had changed.

The attendance was in the high 60s to low 70s when the first match was announced.
Last of the Dying Breed (Chip Day & Corey Hollis) (w/ Miss Allie) defeated Totally Insane (Iam Storm & Iam Fatality)
Before the match can start, Murder One and Kory Chavis made their way to the commentary table and the announcers promptly left. Hollis and Day made short work of Totally Insane and picked up a win before they and Blackout got into a verbal confrontation. A match between the two teams is teased for the titles but Ben didn’t give a date.

Thunderbolt Patterson joins commentary after Blackout leaves.
Simon Sez & Bobby Moore defeated American Mayhem (Chris Jacobs & Zac Edwards)
Moore and Sez aim to abandon the match due to the crowd chanting “Babiebop & Barney” (a reference to their typical green and purple attire). American Mayhem didn’t want an easy win and decided to bring their opponents back to the ring. In the end Sez lands a hit to Zac’s back with a briefcase while the ref was distracted in order to pick up the win.

An interview with Ben Masters reveals that Kyle wasn’t satisfied with the usual time limit of 15 minutes in his Television Title defense against Vordell Walker. Ben goes on to say that it’s uncommon for the champion to not like utilizing the champion’s advantage with the time limit and that he’d grant them a 30 minute match.

RPW Television Title Match
Kyle Matthews (C) defeated Vordell Walker
In my absence Kyle managed to become RPW’s second Triple Crown winner and there’s little surprise due to his in-ring ability. Kyle’s speed seemed to be equally matched by Vordell’s brute power in the ring. The crowd was very vocal throughout this match and for good reason, it is easily one of the best (if not the best) match of the show. As they say, all good things must come to an end and despite that Kyle still is holding the title now, the match ended abruptly just 17 minutes in with the interference of Adonis against Matthews as Vordell seemed seconds away from the victory.

Mike Cruz defeated Steven Stiles
Ben announced that this match was a special match due to the fact that Matthews and Vordell didn’t utilize their entire time limit. Mike Cruz picked up the win because Stiles was overly confident and made his “world’s greatest drop kick” highly telegraphed and paid the price for it.

Rampage Rumble
Normally I’d give every entrant and elimination, but this time I’ll just let you readers assume that what happens in a Rumble happened in this one but I’ll add some of my personal thoughts to it. Spiral and Zander are among some names that people in the crowd didn’t seem remotely familiar with but do have potential. AJ Steele was a participant in the match despite being the Champion that the winner of this match would be facing. The match boiled down to Micah, Matthews, and Vordell before it was announced that Drew Adler would be re-entered in the match due to the fact that he was illegally eliminated by an already eliminated AJ Steele. Upon getting back in the ring, it took about 10 seconds for both Matthews and Adler were eliminated (thanks for coming back, Drew).
Now as per the standard in Rampage Rumbles, the last 2 competitors are automatically put into a match under different rules. Instead of over-the-top-rope eliminations, it becomes and pin and submission only match. The crowd was loud during this portion of the match and they didn’t seem to agree on who they wanted to win. Vordell played to those cheering for him while Micah did the same for the other half. In the end, Micah picked up the win with the crossface to have a shot at AJ Steele’s RPW Heavyweight Championship. The crowd was with this match up to the finish and was another great quality match.

Syler Cross defeated Joey Kidman
Syler picked up the match with a splash. The crowd seems to have died down after the last match.

An interview with Allie and Adonis covering their intentions with the TV Title is interrupted by Vordell. Some trash talking ensues and referees rush to the ring to keep them from fighting. Vordell left on the statement that Adonis and Allie will regret getting in Blacklist’s business and costing him the TV Title.

Micah Taylor defeated Eric Walker
Interesting thing about jobbing in RPW is you are often identifiable by their generic jobber music. Before Walker stepped through the curtains everyone knew how this match was going. In 3 short minutes, Taylor had little issue taking this match with the crossface.

Tag Team Title Match
Blackout (Murder One & Kory Chavis)(C) defeated BFF (Michael Stevens & Anthony Andrews)
Last I saw Hawk in RPW he was a security guard with a sleeveless shirt. Now he’s a referee with a sleeveless shirt. He didn’t seem overly favoring to either team so I’m guess he’s not in a gimmick of some sort. Either way this was one of the better matches of the show. The match comes to a head when Andrews attempts to use the protein bottle on Murder One, but Murder scouts it and plants Andrews with a cutter for the win.

Francisco Ciatso defeated Zander Stone
I’m not familiar with either of these two and they had a tough match to follow. The crowd took somewhat well to Ciatso but since we were in the 3rd hour the crowd started to tire down. Ciatso ended up picking up the victory and I’m interested in seeing how far these 2 can go in RPW.

AJ Steele defeated Drew Adler
Interestingly as a heel, AJ was playing to a portion of the crowd who like to cheer for heels instead of doing the typical ignore/insult everyone. This was consistent with Vordell’s performance earlier so I’m guessing Blacklist might actually be a dynamic group that favors a divided crowd. Despite a great effort from Adler, including kicking out of a blacklist slam, Drew couldn’t take a second one and AJ picked up the win to end the show.

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