Warrior Talks WWE Relationship & More, Nowinski Talks Vince Conversation


– The Ultimate Warrior recently spoke with YouTube user FrenchyRom to promote WWE 2K14. He talks about his relationship with WWE and more:

– As noted before, Chris Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute will be honoring WWE this Wednesday night in Boston for the work they have done on concussion issues. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will accept an award as a dinner. Nowinski spoke with Newsday about a conversation he had with Vince McMahon back in 2011:

“He let me know how proud he was [of SLI], how far the research had come, the influence we had in changing the culture in sports. And he really opened up the door to saying how could we work together, both to protect the talent in WWE, but it’s also ingrained that they’re supporting CTE research that will benefit athletes, military veterans and the world at large.”

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    • He was pausing to breathe a few times… usually an indication that he was pushing a stool out or having some constipation issues…

  1. Alright so, right off the bat… you know, I used to be a HUGE Warrior fan… I mean, the guy was beyond electrifying… but what an asshole he turned out to be… with his Warrior University garbage and his whole entity of Warrior and his name change, and then to find out his daughters’ last names are Warrior… cripes… I just think… Hey man, if you want to name yourself legally as Warrior, cool… be weird, be your own standout jackoff whatever… but I mean for cripes sakes dude… leave your poor kids out of it… Why would you want to change their last name to Warrior? What a selfish prick… no consideration for his poor kids in this regard… Jim Hellwig, you are one weird son of a b****…


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