Warrior Wrestling 6 Recap: Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin, Mick Foley Tries to Light Frank the Clown on Fire, Lucha Bros & More


Warrior Wrestling 6
Chicago Heights, IL
September 1, 2019

Thanks as always to Warrior Wrestling for having us out to the show on Sunday night. This is my “quick” recap of events, and I’ll have a longer, more formal review up within the next 48 hours. The entire show is available now on the Highspots Network.

(1) Soberano Jr. def. Templario in an awesome opening match. This was a heavy lucha libre crowd, complete with a drum section in the stands, so there was a ton of energy in the building. Both guys did things I couldn’t even explain or begin to think up, and that’s after a 5-hour AEW show the night before where EVERY match had spots I’ve never seen before. If I’m nitpicking it maybe went a minute too long with a few too many nearfalls, but again, that’s if I’m intentionally nitpicking.

– Gringo Loco comes out and gets a nice reaction… until he blindsides the lucha stars and beats them down. Sam Adonis ran out to help him, but Brian Pillman Jr. and Wardlow made the save to set up our second match.

(2) Gringo Loco & Sam Adonis def. Brian Pillman Jr. & Wardlow. I didn’t actually see this match as I blew out my knee backstage and was getting it iced at the time… I’ll catch the replay!

(3) Caristico def. Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero

– Gringo and Sam Adonis came back out again to attack more lucha stars. Out came Soberano and Templario to get revenge on earlier. All five guys beat them down and Caristico dropkicked Gringo in the nuts for good measure.

(4) Killer Kross def. Filthy Tom Lawlor. I loved this match, from what I was able to see. Looking forward to the replay, but their styles worked so well together. Kross is a star. Given the exposure of a major household brand like WWE or AEW and he’s an instant world title contender on a big stage. I’ve always thought Lawlor is bound for big things in wrestling as well. Does not get enough credit for how good he is.

(5) Lance Archer def. Alex Zayne. The moral of the story is, Archer is a beast. I actually had the chance to spend a significant percentage of the evening talking to him backstage. Looking forward to a more official interview coming soon.

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(6) Austin Aries def. Alex Shelley. Aries was accompanied by UFC legend Frank Mir. This was a ton of fun and some really great professional wrestling between two veteran experts. I’ll watch Shelley and Aries matches all day long. Both guys cut promos after the match that seemed friendly, and I could hear the crowd reacting, but I didn’t catch what they said. Unfortunately, blowing out my knee kept me confined to a chair in the back with a bag of ice.

(7) Lucha Brothers def. Daga & Tessa Blanchard. This was a lot of fun. I don’t think Pentagon and Fenix were necessarily going at full-force, but they had to have been dead given the weekend they had and the ladder match 24 hours before. Everyone worked hard though and the crowd loved it.

– Frank the Clown came to the ring with three large men, each dressed up as one of the Faces of Foley. Frank himself was wearing the Cactus Jack shirt. He demanded Foley come out, and the Hardcore Legend obliged to a thunderous reaction, with a bag in hand. Frank talked about growing up idolizing Mick, but now he’s not the Hardcore Legend anymore, and he’s not Mankind or Dude Love, he’s just his girlfriend’s old man. He took off his outer layer of clothes to reveal…a set of tights covered in faces of Noelle and him. “She calls me daddy now,” or something to that effect. The crowd was BEGGING Mick to murder him. Foley put Frank in the Mandible Claw and knocks him the heck out. Foley went into his back of tricks and took out some tongs, which he used to attack Frank’s nuts. He then covered him in gasoline and pulled out a lighter, but all the high schools (it’s a charity event for the high school) doing security tried to stop him. The three large goons ended up carrying Frank to the back in all the chaos, and Foley said that was a disappointing ending, making it like a real WWE pay-per-view experience. LOL!

(8) Dragon Lee def. Andrew Everett

(9) Brian Cage def. Michael Elgin to retain the Warrior Wrestling Championship