WATCH: Apollo Crews Is Ready To Silence His Doubters On WWE Raw


Tonight’s WWE Raw will see Apollo Crews go one on one with Andrade for the United States Championship in what is a huge match in Apollo’s career.

Despite a promising start in WWE NXT, the wheels came off his career on the main roster where he began to lose his way. But since WWE WrestleMania 36, Crews has been booked well and has looked better than ever inside the ring.

During an interview with WWE’s YouTube channel, Crews spoke about how important tonight is for him and admits he had lost motivation in himself.

“Monday for me is extremely important because the four or five years I’ve been here, I’ve yet to win any kind of WWE title. Monday I have the opportunity to win my first title in the WWE. When I came into NXT I came in hot, having some of the best matches of my career with some of the best athletes on the planet. I really don’t know what happened but somewhere along those lines, I lost motivation in myself. I could tell, and I know if I could tell, anyone could tell.  I had this goal to get to WWE and I got there, and I feel like I forgot what the actual goal was. I felt like I forgot that.”

However, despite losing his way, Apollo Crews then spoke about how he now feels ready and reinvented to go on and prove his doubters wrong in WWE, starting tonight.

“I feel like I’m reinvented, that motivation is at an all-time high ad I’m ready to go. The book of Apollo doesn’t have many pages, but if I win this title, that is a whole chapter in itself. I’ll prove to anybody who has ever said anything negative, and especially to myself that I belong exactly where I am. I was brought here for a reason, and I’m going to show every single person on this planet what that reason is.”

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