WATCH: Brand New ‘Being The Elite Episode 133: After WrestleKingdom’


A new episode of Being The Elite has dropped today, focusing on what has happened after WrestleKingdom ahead of the All Elite Wrestling press conference.

The episode kicks off with Marty Scurll’s unconventional New Years Day party and he is joined by Kenny Omega, where The Villian has one too many mojitos.

The Young Bucks then discuss revealing All Elite Wrestling at midnight, admitting it is a little overwhelming and that it feels the same as when they announced ALL IN and added they can’t wait to announce more. They then take the fans behind the scenes as they officially sign their All Elite Wrestling contracts with Hangman Page and Brandi Rhodes.

The show then went back to the party where a drunk Scurll was trash talking the rest of the group, only for it to be shown that they were all there the whole time as they ended up celebrating together.

Being The Elite then moves onto WrestleKingdom itself, showing Matt and Nick Jackson on their final day with their families which then moves on to backstage as each member comes back after losing all of their matches.

The group then reflected on what could possibly be their last time together as Marty Scurll questioned what AEW was with the group all leaving him alone, reflecting on the fact he hasn’t signed with AEW yet due to his Ring Of Honor contract.

You can watch the full episode below: