WATCH: Dolph Ziggler Believes He Is Getting In Drew McIntyre’s Head


After scoring a tag team victory in the main event of WWE Raw alongside Sasha Banks, Dolph Ziggler spoke confidently to WWE’s YouTube channel.

“Tonight was fantastic, the boss and the heel outdoing Asuka and Drew McIntyre. I named him the Psychopath, he is a robot monster who can’t be stopped. But the best part about Frankenstein is actually the scientist, is that he is the one who knows how to stop Frankenstein’s monster. I taught him everything he knows, I brought him into Monday Night Raw and this is how he repays him.

This is the first work of working on that brain, getting inside that head, letting him know that I know everything he knows and then some. While he was trying to figure out life for 10 years, I was here, doing what I do best. Monsters like him, I have seen them come and go, I have seen them have their moment in the sun and I have been there to pick up the pieces the next day. There’s a reason I’m in this match, this is the first week of getting inside his head and then I will move on to become champion, it’s been a long time coming.”

Ziggler will go one on one for the WWE Championship at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show as he challenges Drew McIntyre.

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