WATCH: EC3 Attacks “False Prophet” In Return To IMPACT Wrestling


EC3 has taken aim at his first target, returning to IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday night to confront someone he considers to be a “false idol”, the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose.

Moose has spent the last few months carting around a replica of the old TNA world title, hand-picking his victims each and every week in what he believes to be legitimate championship defenses. That includes his most recent win over hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer this past Saturday at Slammiversary.

A legit two-time TNA champion in his own right, EC3 is likely not too happy about the former NFL star running his mouth about him for several weeks. To be fair, he has sort of been taunting Moose, even having his entrance theme played during one of this matches.

EC3 finally returned to IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday, hopping the barricade and attacking Moose from behind with an inverted DDT, just moments after another successful “title defense” against Fallah Bahh. Highlights above and below.