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Ring of Honor

WATCH: EC3 Questions The Narrative Of “Honor” In His ROH TV Debut



Just a few days before he battles Moose for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view, EC3 made his highly anticipated arrival on ROH Wrestling Television.

EC3 put the entire locker room on notice in what has become his trademark style, urging fans to question the “narrative” of Ring of Honor’s past, present and future. We’ve transcribed the entire segment for you below, but you can watch the entire promo at the bottom of the article.

“Is honor real? Because there is no honor in what we do. We’ve allowed ourselves to be controlled our entire lives. Corporations, politicians, media, our thoughts, our believes, even our love has had authority over us. Every day they take from us our freedoms – and every day we lose focus on our greater purpose.

“Is there honor in fighting back? Is there honor in fighting back those that control you, demean you, degrade you, try to cancel you? Is there honor in fighting back for your freedom to act? To think? Freedom to speak and freedom to feel. Is there honor in finding purpose?

“Is there honor in the past? I stand in hallowed halls built by hallowed names. Black hats, and punks with Styles Clashes, submission machines, and dragons with national identity. They were great men, and they built a great house, but men are fallible. Men conform.

“Is there honor in the now? Briscoes, Lethal, Dragon Lee, Rush – these names synonymous with the best wrestling on the planet. Is that a fact… or is that self praise? I’m not here to wrestle. I am here to fight. I am here to seek out the greatest competition this planet knows, and I want to fight them. I want to punch, kick, scratch, claw – I want to bring total freaking war Von Clausewitz style to anybody and everybody.

“Without pain, without sacrifice you have nothing. I am willing to purify myself by pain. I am willing to sacrifice myself on this altar of honor – Ring of Honor. Honor… I will put that name to the test. You have been warned.”

For those curious, Van Clausewitz was a Prussian military theorist credited with conceptualizing the idea of “Absolute War”, which is apparently a whole different category of discussion than “Total War”. We’ll give EC3 a pass this time, as he’s a professional wrestler, not an early 1800s European military general.

Ring of Honor

EC3 Signs Agreement With Ring Of Honor



Ring of Honor announced on Thursday that EC3 has signed a deal with the company.

EC3 was released from WWE in April 2020 before reappearing in IMPACT Wrestling this summer to feud with Moose through Bound For Glory. He then debuted in Ring of Honor in the fall to initiate a rivalry with Jay Briscoe.

EC3 vs. Briscoe was scheduled for Final Battle in December before EC3 tested positive for COVID-19.

Below is the complete press release.

Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that EC3 has signed with the company.

EC3, who had been pro wrestling’s hottest free agent since he hit the open market last summer, made a few appearances with ROH in the fall. He made his unannounced return on last weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” to confront Jay Briscoe.

EC3 and Briscoe had been scheduled to face each other at Final Battle in December, but the match was called off after EC3 tested positive for COVID-19.

Recognized as a two-time former world champion, EC3 boasts one of the most chiseled physiques in the sport and stellar speaking skills.

EC3 seized control of his narrative during his time as a free agent. A darker, more intense and more dangerous EC3 showed up in ROH declaring that he was on a quest to see if honor is real.

Now that EC3 is making ROH his home, he’ll have ample time to find out.

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Ring of Honor

Maria Kanellis Reveals How Long She & Mike Bennett Are Signed With ROH



maria kanellis

Maria Kanellis has recently revealed how long she and her husband, Mike Bennett are signed for with Ring Of Honor currently.

Bennett made a surprise return to the company back in November when he helped his former Kingdom stablemate, Matt Taven from an attack by Vinny Marseglia and Bateman. Then just one month later, Maria returned to the company as well with a social media platform known as “ROH The Experience.”

Maria recently appeared on Table Talk, where she revealed that both her and Mike Bennett are currently under contract through June. However, she did admit they’re both enjoying their short-term run, and they’ll see what the future holds after that point.

“We signed a short-term deal with Ring of Honor. We’re signed through the end of June. Then we’re going to take it from there and see what we want to do. If we wanted to, we could probably go other places as well, but we really enjoy what we’re doing in Ring of Honor and I hope we have something more long-term. It all depends on the stipulations of contracts. We’ll see,” said Maria. (H/T to for the transcription)

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Ring of Honor

Ring Of Honor Announces 19th Anniversary Pay-Per-View



ROH 19th Anniversary

Ring of Honor has set a date for their 19th anniversary pay-per-view.

The show is set to run a total of four hours on FITE TV and traditional pay-per-view, and will take place on Friday, March 26 just two weeks before WrestleMania 37 weekend. The first hour of the broadcast will air for free on HonorClub, Best on the Planet, STIRR City, Facebook, YouTube and FITE.

It was not announced where the event will take place, but it is unlikely that fans will be in attendance. Ring of Honor was one of the last promotions to return to action in 2020, and have maintained strict regulations, production “bubbles” for all talent, and closed-set television tapings.

Read the official announcement on

The first ever Ring of Honor event took place in February 2002 at the Murphy Recreation Center in Philadelphia, PA. The main event featured a triple threat match wherein Low Ki defeated Christopher Daniels and the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.

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