Watch: Elders React To WrestleMania 34, UK Wrestlers Make Hospital Visit, Young Fan Dresses As Finn Balor


The famous ‘Elders React’ YouTube channel has recently done a video based on WrestleMania 34, with the ‘Elders’ watching the show back and commenting.

The popular series is part of the ‘React’ channel which also has kids and teens react, with people being filmed watching various things in pop culture to get their reactions.

In this video, which you can see below, the ‘Elders’ are shown clips from WrestleMania 34 including Shinsuke Nakamura’s heel turn and The Undertaker vs John Cena, with many of them not being wrestling fans and giving their honest opinion on the product in a humorous way.

UK Wrestlers Make Hospital Visit

UK independent wrestlers, El Ligero and David Graves have visited a young wrestling fan in hospital today who just had major surgery to have part of his right lung removed. The wrestlers provided him with some merchandise and took photos.

Young Fan Dresses As Finn Balor

PROGRESS Wrestling posted a picture of a young fan cosplaying as Finn Balor at a recent show, wearing Balor’s Joker inspired costume which he wore during his PROGRESS debut in a match with Will Ospreay.