WATCH: Enter The Bizarre World Of IMPACT Wrestling’s New ‘Wrestle House’


Prepare to enter a bizarre world where the stars of IMPACT Wrestling are forced to compete in the world’s strangest reality television competition.

A world where beefs are squashed in an outdoor ring, the front door apparently leads to some kind of portal to the depths of hell, and an insane Tommy Dreamer not only owns the property, but acts as a host for the entire insane concept.

A new series of strange shorts called “Wrestle House” began airing this Tuesday night on IMPACT, setting the stage for more wacky shenanigans in the weeks to come. It features names like Kylie Rae, Su Yung, The Deaners, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Swinger and… honestly, you’re just going to have to watch it for yourself.

It is certainly unique. Check out the first two “Wrestle House” segments below.